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TV Commercial Production That's Crafted by Pros From Hollywood and Broadcast Television

Demo VideoWe're the affordable, full service TV advertising agency for the entrepreneur, small business, and start-up. Each custom-made TV COMMERCIAL PRODUCTION is national quality, crafted by experienced pros from Hollywood and Broadcast TV. ALL-ORIGINAL, CREATIVE TV ADS (NO crappy "Templates") Ultra-Fast and Reliable. Low, Flat Rates mean Great Value. We provide budget-savvy air time media buying services, too. [Discount air time available to TV commercial production clients ONLY.]

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Cheap TV Spots is:

YES! You can advertise like the BIG GUYS (without spending like one). Get a great looking, national quality broadcast-standard commercial production for an affordable flat rate.

Our award-winning TV commercials are dreamed up by our super-duper creative team, who bring real world broacdast expertise.

"Advertising is like flossing. You only floss the teeth you want
to keep. You only advertise the business you want to prosper."

Advertising on Television is a simple, 2-step process:

2-step process 1. TV commercial production media buying

TV Commercial Production

We create a memorable commercial for your business for our low flat rates

Air Time Media Placement

We target popular networks - you set the budget!

We do it all! And that's great for YOU.

campaignFirst, we're your one-stop shop for your budget savvy TV advertising campaign. No need to call all over the place trying to piece together what you need. We love making you look good. You get an original, totally unique national-quality TV commercial production for one low flat fee. We can even arrange your media buy -- no obligation - no long term contracts required, either.

marketingSecond, we focus on your company's marketing message, and we use that knowledge to target your customer demographic all the way from awesome creative through crafty deployment across the key TV landscape for your message.

broadcastThird, and super important, meeting Broadcast Standards is vital for getting clearance to get on the air. We work daily with broadcast TV, cable TV, and satellite TV locally and nationally across the country. We keep abreast of technology and the complex, ever-evolving broadcasting standards. Unlike the unruly pack of ordinary videographers running around out there, we have the real broadcast technical expertise and TV network connections to ensure your ad meets broadcast requirements -- and gets on the air.

Check Out These SAMPLES of TV Ads for Our Low, Flat Rates

Here are just a few samples of the great-looking, yet affordable TV ads we can do for you, for our low, flat rate:

sample sample

View Commercial - "Cheater Meter" a driving, persuasive spot for this nationally branded mobile service. 30 seconds. (Flash 8 required)

View Commercial - "Boggy Creek Gang Camp" PSA featuring co-founders Paul Newman and Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf. 30 seconds. (Flash 8 required)

sample sample

View Commercial - Humorous take on podcasting "Boring Podcasts Suck" - Emergency Podcast 30 seconds. (Flash 8 required)

View Commercial - "Yaris by Toyota: 40 mpg - Shut Up and Drive". 30 seconds. (Flash 8 required)

TV ad samplesThese national quality Rapid-Ad™ TV commercials - and many MORE - were made for our low, flat rates. Honest! Whether we work with your existing footage or all new media, we'll create a TV ad you can be proud of.

More examples of our TV ads: TV Commercial Production Demo.

TV Commercial Video Production - What You Get

Get a COMPLETE, READY-TO-AIR TV commercial for one low flat fee

You get a national quality, 30-second, ready-to-air TV commercial for one low, flat fee. Everything's included. You won't rack up an hourly rate. Choose from the super-low-cost Start-Up, full-featured, value-priced Rapid-Ad, hands-on Classic, or one of our traditional agency style options.

ALL ORIGINAL CUSTOM VIDEO PRODUCTIONS... NO TEMPLATES! - We NEVER do a template ad. Why? They're just too generic to be effective. Your business is unique - so your ad should be unique. That's why every one of our commercials is a creative, custom-crafted production.It's our Freshness Guarantee. Template ads are often CAPTIVE ADS. Some companies, especially the low-ball, online do-it-yourself websites and template ad companies, make an ad a little too cheap... It's captured in their system and you can ONLY air it through them! Once they lock you in, they charge you lots more for air time - 20% to 800% more (we checked!). You could end up going over budget and getting poor results because your template TV commercial sucked and your ad dollar didn't go nearly as far as it could.

EXPLAINER VIDEO - We have a unique formula for getting more mileage out of your Explainer Video.

Explainer Videos, sometimes called explanation videos, are usually longer and slower paced than a TV ad, but often can work double-duty for your brand marketing or Direct Response campaign. We can transform your explainer into Broadcast Standard format (for length, technical spec, message, etc.), so they can actually air on TV as 30-second or 1-minute TV commercial messages.

BROADCAST-READY - Quality Checked! Each TV commercial we produce is thoroughly checked for technical quality and airability. We adhere to the latest broadcast standards for image and sound production.

Our Super-Secret, Streamlined System™ is more than just our super scripting, crisp images, great music and professional voiceover. Your TV commercial is professionally architected for uniqueness and impact. These are real TV ads, made the old fashioned way in our professional production studio.

Cheap TV Spots® is the best in the business of discount TV advertising!

Cheap TV Spots, since 2001

* What our 13 YEARS of EXPERIENCE means to you:
Not only will your ad tell your brand's story, it'll be up to current, precise broadcast standards.

awardsA few of our 200+ International Awards for Excellence in TV Commercial Production. ANY QUESTIONS?

Television Air Time Media Buying - Our Smarter Planning Saves You Money

Local, regional, or national air time: We can place your Cheap TV Spots® TV ad on popular networks, right where your customers are watching. We'll help you target geographically (even a single neighborhood) and by demographic (age, interests, income) to reach your customers where and when they're watching. You don't need just any old remnant air time, you need targeted air time to get the most for your advertising dollar. [Discount air time available to TV commercial production clients ONLY.]

Unlike many TV advertising agencies out there, Cheap TV Spots® does not tack on additional commissions onto your air time rate. No rate padding. Your rate is the lowest, negotiated network rate.

Name Your Budget - We Tailor Your TV Media Buy

No minimum buy. No added commissions. No bidding. No long term air time contracts. No pressure. It's our "Airwave Orchestration Service." You set your media budget - we do the work. We don't make you guess what channels are best for your campaign, or leave you to spend hours filling out some crazy bid form. Using your air time budget effectively saves you money. You're even free to air your commercial, yourself. Chances are, you can't do better by airing it on your own, but we wouldn't dream of getting in your way.

Targeted Air Time - Your City, Your Metro Area, or USA Nationwide

We save you money. Target your media buy locally, regionally, or nationally on popular premium channels. Our Air Time Media Buyers find you the perfect audience for your message. We find an affordable TV advertising solution, for just about any budget. We place air time anywhere in the USA, on all available networks.

A&E ABC Animal Planet BET Biography CBS TruTV SyFy Disney MTV ESPN VH1 NBC Spike CMT CNBC Comedy Central Food FX Fox Hallmark HGTV MSNBC Nick CNN DIY TNT Weather

These network logos are presented just as a sample of the many network choices for airing your TV commercial. All logos are trademarks of their respective owners.

Broadcast • Cable • Satellite -- Local • Regional • National -- International, TOO!

ABC - NBC - CBS - FOX - CW - CNN - ComedyCentral - ESPN - TRU-TV - HGTV - LIFETIME
TOON DISNEY - DirecTV (Satellite)...and MANY more. 

Don't Scatter your TV Advertising Budget - Target your Ads With Cheap TV Spots® !

targeted air timeTargeted air time We guide the media buy so your ad airs on networks that fit your business, customer, and your budget.

local or nationalWe're NATIONWIDE!  We can help you with local, regional, or national air time on broadcast, cable, or satellite TV.

Affordable TV Advertising - And Really Good, Too

Affordable TV ads -- Cheap TV Spots® are smart TV spots. Attract new customers - tell current customers about your great new offer with low cost TV ads by Cheap TV Spots!

compareGet your advertising message on TV, directly to your target customer, and pay far less than what the major advertisers pay. Cheap TV Spots® makes advertising on TV affordable.

The Original Cheap TV Spots® is your spot-savvy studio center for low cost TV ads, national TV spots and local TV air time on cable, satellite and broadcast. No "pre-produced" template ads - only creative, original, national quality TV production at a discount price. No media buy required to get your discount!

Cheap TV Spots® is the original online commercial creator and the original internet-based discount TV advertising agency, in business since 2001 offering our great-looking, custom TV commercials for an affordable flat rate.

Find out what makes our TV ads Cheaper - Faster - Better! BE ON TV - For a fraction of the cost of online pay-per-click ad word ads! And for less than newspapers, magazines, or direct mail. Advertise on TV and save on your total ad spend!

We promptly return your calls and respond to your contact form inquiries and emails.

Former customer of Spot Runner? Is Spotrunner not returning your calls? Were you trying Google TV Ads, only to discover they shut down? That's what some of our newest clients say. Rest assured we're here and always return calls promptly. It's company policy. AND - we're open 7 days a week for our clients' convenience.

CONTACT US for a no-pressure discussion of your TV advertising project.
No commissioned salespeople!  :-)

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RAVE REVIEWS: Our clients are always pleasantly surprised by the quality and originality of our commercials; we think you will be, too.

"I LOVE IT!!! IT'S PERFECT!" ... "The commercial looks and sounds great!" ... "GREAT! Absolutely GREAT! We are so thrilled." ~ A few of our many Satisfied Customers

A well-thought-out TV ad production reflects well on your product or service.

Founded by Hollywood film and TV pros, our creative team produces award-winning TV commercials with that special edge, for innovative businesses like yours. We love making your ad memorable and effective.

Why You Should Advertise on TV

According to Nielsen, the well-respected audience measurement company, Americans choose to watch video on the "best screen available," and traditional TV remains the screen of choice. Since you're here, we're pretty sure you know why TV is great for your business. We put together a few of our own reasons, so you can tell your friends.  Why TV?

Customer looking at youYour Customers Are Watching... Advertise Like The BIG GUYS!

TV advertising can be more affordable than those spendy paid listings on Google, Bing or Yahoo!, and TV can be even more targeted (heck, TV practically invented the idea of targeted ads).


Who We Are

We're the affordable, full service TV advertising agency for the entrepreneur, small business, and start-up, bringing fresh creative ideas to your campaign. Our pedigreed team holds the secrets to your marketing success!

YOU KNOW US... This unique media company was founded by award-winning Hollywood film and television professionals whose productions have been featured on national TV programs such as Entertainment Tonight. Now we're bringing Hollywood-style expertise to your TV commercial production!

Why You Should Choose Cheap TV Spots®

Choose CheapTVSpotsIn this "EVERYDAY LOW PRICE" world, everyone's looking for a bargain. But if you've ever been sorry that you shopped at some dollar-discount store, you know that price isn't the only thing. Quality matters, every bit as much. We're a real TV ad agency. Making great looking television commercials really is our day job.

QUALITY Does Matter!

Advertising on TV is quick, simple and costs less with Cheap TV Spots®. Our high-quality, custom made, 100% original TV ads cost less than the other guys, and airtime is as little as $5 per airing, in many areas. Let Hollywood pros create your TV ad now. We know you're excited to see your "name in lights" on television - so are we. We'll help you make your business "TV premiere" really count.

Smart, National-Quality TV Ads for a "Local Ad" Price

Cheap TV Spots® are Smart TV Spots. You Get MORE • You Pay LESS!

We're not some automated online "service" that plugs your company name into a predictable, boring,cookie-cutter pre-made ad. No database programmers building a mechanical, cookie-cutter ad-dispensing factory web site. Besides, we don't want your name for our database; we want you to be our customer.

EXTRAS - We Do More for You

SPANISH LANGUAGE commercials - We create the English language TV commercial, and we can create a version of it in Spanish (fees apply). Reach the growing and vibrant Latino market. International Manufacturers: Sell your unique product in the lucrative U.S.A. marketplace.  Americans love unique products from other countries. We'll help you find eager customers in the United States with high quality English-language television advertising. We can also help you get into the growing Spanish Language marketplace in the U.S.

LOGO ANIMATION - Imagine... your company logo, in motion! An moving company logo makes a dynamic, lasting impression. It's included with the Rapid-Ad™ level, and up. Our highly trained editors craft an animated display from a high-resolution still image of your current logo. Don't have a logo? We can animate your company name, your web site URL, or even your 800 number.

get an 800 numberFeature Your TOLL FREE 800 NUMBER - in your TV ad! Our talented team can incorporate your number into your Cheap TV Spot. We can even create different versions of your commercial for each toll free number you own (nominal editing fee).

radio air timeBE ON THE RADIO!  - Need to reach customers in their cars?  Launch a campaign entirely on the radio, or add it to your TV mix. We can help you reach listeners in the market of your choice.

Outdoor Billboard Advertising - Already on TV? We can hook you up with Outdoor Billboard Advertising: Get on the bus! Billboards are a perfect complement to your TV campaign!

Independent Filmmakers: Ask for our special film premiere package, as featured in your favorite industry magazines - and SAVE! See specials at our sister site:

Looking for more of the straight scoop about television advertising for entrepreneurs? Visit our sister site, Advertise on Television.



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