About Us

Why TV advertising, in the Digital Age?

Of all media, television is by far the most watched screen, and the one that consumers continue to prefer for learning about new products and services.

Advances in digital technology have created an era of unprecedented complexity... and a wealth of marketing opportunity for businesses big and small. Television has evolved and embraced the digital age. Television today is anything but "traditional," with evolving technical formats, diverse delivery platforms, and increased interactivity. Through this new era, we continue to redefine the role of a media agency.

Television advertising is targeted advertising. Businesses can air just about anywhere, locally or nationwide, on specific channels, selected times of day, and during their customer's favorite shows.

One big thing hasn't changed: the appeal of TV among consumers as the most preferred screen for entertainment and information.

Who are these people?

We're a team of friends from the film and TV industry who started our own agency. We've been producing television commercials and promotional business video for fun and profit since 2001 (and even way before then), and we're the originators of the internet-based, virtual TV ad agency model. Our team members bring their decades of experience from the television studios and movie sets of Hollywood and beyond. Our team includes pros with decades of television and film experience in writing, directing, cinematography, photography, sound, editing, and media buying. We have one foot in the Hollywood filmmaking world and the other in hardworking, practical business video production - and both feet in the world of making great video for enterprising folks like you.

Us in the Digital Video Age

Now that digital video is BIG, and getting bigger every day, we're hard at work making sure your video production - be it an explainer, a how-to, sizzle, television commercial, or crowdfunding video - is exactly the kind of video you need, at a price that works for your business.

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Why did we start CheapTVSpots.com?

Back at the turn of the millennium we were just like you, seeking the best way to promote our own products (except we had a head start, since we were already film and TV pros). Fed up with the cost and slow-poke response from the big retail ad agencies (and, on the other hand, not grooving to cheesy cable TV ad productions) we knew we could do WAY BETTER.

We decided to build THE BETTER AD AGENCY, starting from the ground, up.

This BETTER AD AGENCY we decided to build had to be CHEAP - FAST - and IN CONTROL. It had to be a real service, not just a do-it-yourself form, or cookie-cutter ad factory. The TV commercials had to be of unparalleled excellence. No schlock. No canned, fill-in-the-blank hooey.

WE'VE EVOLVED into a full-service video production and media agency providing a complete solution for your video needs.

Why the funny name, "Cheap TV Spots"?

The web was young, and so were we. We thought, "What do most businesses really want in a TV advertising agency - a fancy, expensive-sounding name, or a good, honest deal?" We wanted a name that's bold, funny, yet explains exactly what we do.

Our Philosophy

We believe that television commercials are, hands-down, the most engaging and memorable advertising medium for small, local, medium sized, and start-up businesses. Statistics back us up. The average American household now watches almost 6 hours of television per day. People actually still spend way more time with TV than any other screen according to Neilsen Media Research.

We've knocked down the biggest barrier for small and new businesses who desire to advertise on television - the complexity and cost of producing a professional level TV commercial. How? With our economical, affordable, superior quality Cheap TV Spots!

Why would experienced filmmakers and television professionals want to make TV commercials?  It's fun!  As prominent advertising theorist and all around media guy Marshall McLuhan once said, "Advertising is the greatest art form of the twentieth century." This grows even more true as we move through the New Millennium.

TV commercials have always been the most creative and dynamic form of advertising, but that creativity used to be reserved only for the "Big Guys." UNTIL NOW.

We give you our genuine, Hollywood-style creativity for your television commercial production.

Did we really earn hundreds of TV Commercial Production AWARDS...? Yes - all by ourselves.

Academy Leader, Inc. is a multifaceted media company, with production in all 50 U.S. States, and internationally in Singapore, Canada, and beyond. Academy Leader, Inc. spans broadcast, cable, video, motion picture, and internet venues. "Cheap TV Spots®" is a service of Academy Leader, Inc.

Our "Pedigrees"

We're just a happy bunch, excited to present your company's unique products and services to TV audiences. We want to help you fetch new potential customers through the unbeatable power of television advertising.




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