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Compare Cheap TV Spots to competitors

A purely objective comparison of US vs. THEM

The Original Cheap TV Spots® is your spot-savvy studio center for national TV spots and local TV spots. No "pre-produced" template spots - only creative, original, national quality production. No media buy required - no minimums - no added commissions.


US - custom Cheap TV Spots®

THEM - crappy template ads


yesYES - started in 2001 from scratch by film & TV pros.

noNO - started just months ago by no-talent techie types.

Great, Fresh Ideas

yesYES - every ad is a brand new, unique ad - it's our Freshness Guarantee.

noNO - Ads are cobbled from a pre-cooked template


yesYES - the only thing we can't do is stop getting new ideas.

noNO - just a crap-torrent of hackneyed boilerplates.

Air Time Value

yesYES - if you desire, we can help you with air time options.

noNO - rates are padded with fees and a thick slice of baloney.

TV Industry Awards

yes YES - over 15 dozen national & international awards, specifically for low cost TV commercial productions.

noNO - none for actual TV ads, maybe a website award from one of their techie buddies.

Air Anywhere

yesYES - We won't cramp your entrepreneurial style.

noNO - Your "captive ad" is trapped in their air time system - along with a bunch of extra fees.

Industry Pros

yesYES - a real agency, founded by Hollywood film and TV professionals.

noNO - just computer geeks without TV industry experience or creative cred.

Personal Service

yesYES - It's really us on the line, and we don't charge a penny for talking with you.

noNO - customers pay a fee, just to talk to a call center.

Infomercials Too

yesYES - 60 second (or longer) mini-infomercials, including product shots if needed.

noNO - template ads are simply not suitable for infomercials.


yesYES - we work with you regardless of your location, and you can air the commercial locally or nationally.

noNO - ads only suitable for limited local runs.

Memorable Ads

yesYES - each custom-made ad captures attention to reel in your customers.

noNO - template ads are forgettable; TOO forgettable.

CONTACT US for a no-pressure discussion of your TV advertising project. No commissioned salespeople!  :-)

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