How To Choose a Producer

We know there are lots of video producers out there, and thanks for considering us. Before you sign up with any production company or advertising agency, be sure they can do the job right.  How can you tell if a TV producer is capable of making a quality, compelling television advertisement for your business? Here are 5 Advertising Tips.

5 Tips for Choosing a TV Commercial Producer

1). Experience:  Mastery of Broadcast Television Technology

videoThe web is littered with people who make videos, and some may even call themselves TV producers or ad agencies.  Unfortunately, most of them don't have real TV experience, but instead do things like wedding video, amateur YouTube postings, or flat screen sales at Best Buy (just kidding, we love you, BB).  They may claim to do TV ads, but they are inevitably missing vital components of a real TV commercial.  These missing technical components will stop your ad from being accepted by networks and getting on the air.  

Mistakes in broadcast specifications include poor signal, incorrectly formatted images, text, or audio, improper total running time, omitted broadcast ID codes, unreadable phone number or URL, and much more.  Not surprisingly, many self-proclaimed “producers” make these mistakes.  Only real experience in broadcast production can keep these errors in check.

TV networks consider commercials part of their programming.  Bad ads make the network look bad - so they turn down a lot of ads.  Networks reserve the right to refuse to air an ad if it doesn’t meet technical standards, contains inappropriate images or claims, or even if it seems sloppy.  

The only advertising agency in the ultra-affordable category with the experience to produce quality TV commercials that consistently perform to all broadcast technical standards is Cheap TV Spots™. 

2). Integrity:  High Standards of Conduct on Your Behalf

auidoUsing an untrained producer can be dangerous.  Most amateur producers are ignorant of the laws regarding copyright and use of images and music, and are more than happy to grant the advertiser “ownership” or “use” of video that they themselves have no legal right to use.  Ultimately, they expose you and your business to a potential lawsuit when the real owners of the images discover the impropriety.  Yikes!  A big legal bill for you.

If you Google “TV advertising” you’ll find lots of people claiming to be television producers and ad agencies.  Many are SEO marketing services offering video/TV as add-ons, and they are not even close to being skilled enough to create your ad message in a video format.  Some are just swindlers who don't pay their videographers, let alone deliver your commercial as promised.  And even if you do get it, the joke’s on you - if the videographer isn’t paid, by law she still owns the footage, even if it’s a video of you. Cheap TV Spots is well-versed in media law and industry practices, and holds itself and its associates to the highest standards of conduct and professionalism. And yes, we pay our vendors promptly for their work.

3). Awards:  Accolades, Respect of Peers, and Happy Customers

All you want is an ad that brings in the customers, and puts your business in its best light.  Less-talented producers may scoff at awards, claiming a great looking ad isn’t necessary.  But look out:  if your producer can’t create ads that are interesting to watch, then your customers will change the channel when your ad comes on.  

Sure, one or two dusty plaques on the wall may not mean everything; what counts is consistent high standards.  Cheap TV Spots is well recognized among its peers with international awards for their affordable, high quality productions.  Their award-winning producers create your unique, memorable TV commercial or online video.

Reviews: Don't forget to check out reviews of the video producer you choose.

4). Value:  The Best Bang for Your Video Buck

Ever read the latest hot SEO tactics, only to find another article that trashes those same techniques?  Promoting your business in these rapidly changing times can be tough and confusing.  Web-based advertising is surprisingly ineffective, and you’ve seen it yourself: the pizza parlor click-through ad next to an article about funeral parlor improprieties, or a car sales link next to an article about a car recall. Crazy.

Avoid the online SEO “mystery stew” of sneaky black-hat tactics that simply cost you money, time, and embarrassment, and at best only rank you among a long list of your competitors - and at worst, cost you customers. 

If you're spending $10K, $20K or even more per month on online advertising, it's time for a change.  You could spend just a quarter of your current online budget and reach thousands of local customers.  Better still, you can reach your customers with a full-screen, memorable message that presents your product or service with style and entertainment value.  Where is this magic advertising medium?  Television.

5). Reliability:  Longest In Business

All those amateur TV producers and advertising newcomers got their sales pitch from somewhere -- likely copied from established TV ad agencies.  Trouble is, they don’t really understand what is involved in making a broadcast-ready commercial.

Ask yourself:  does this producer have a track record of quality TV ad productions?  What do they know about air time (a red flag - maybe they’ve never aired an ad before)?  Any awards or testimonials?  Do all of their productions look the same?  Are they leaning on the crutch of boilerplates or templates?

Cheap TV Spots is the originator of the international online TV ad agency model in the discount category.  With over 14 years in business and thousands of TV commercials produced and aired in seven languages, no other independent agency has more experience and success in this sector.  Cheap TV Spots remains the one-and-only affordable online agency serving the national and international markets with proven reliability and quality.