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TV ad production FAQ
Air Time FAQ


TV Ad Production FAQ

How does it work?

Choose one of our great, flat-rate, value-priced productions. We listen to your needs, then we build your memorable TV ad, send a digital copy for you to preview, and then we generate high quality broadcast-ready media. Simple as that.
See How We Work.

Do we need to provide the script?

Of course not. The hardest thing to write about is yourself. Let our award-winning writing team make it easy for you. Of course,we welcome any materials you can send us: your website, a slogan, brochures, price list, coupons, past video or audio productions. Enlighten us about what makes your business and your product special, and we'll take it from there. As a result, our award-winning writers craft a motivating and selling script, including what imagery goes where, all the text and othe displays, and the best pitch of your offer.

How is my commercial going to look?

Like it costs lots more! Armed with nothing more than our trade secret methods for boosting production quality learned from many years in film and TV, plus the latest technologies in video and audio production, we can put together award-winning TV spots that not only look great, but compare to ads costing many times more.

What exactly are "Cheap TV Spots®?"

A refreshingly simple way to produce an exciting TV commercial without the hassles and expense. We offer our great-looking, national quality television commercials at a fantastically low rate, and we can help you with your air time decisions. Cheap TV Spots® is a service of Academy Leader, Inc. a multifaceted media company. Read all About Us.

How can you make TV ads so inexpensively?

That's our trade secret! It's our Super-Secret, Streamlined System. The main ingredient in Cheap TV Spots® is IMAGINATION!  We started with a price most small businesses can easily afford -- and we took on the challenge of coming up with production methods that let us deliver the best spot for the buck.  It's not magic -- it's just what we do. Okay, maybe a little magic.

Are there additional charges for things like pro voiceover narration or special effects?

Voiceover and visual effects are included! Our flat-fee productions include: writing, directing, filming, editing, special effects, music, and voiceover narration. We even throw in a free round of typo changes, if we've made a mistake in your spot (some limitations apply). Unless you need some changes, typically, the only additional cost is for air time, and we'll help you understand how to air effectively, within your budget.

I shot a product video. Can you produce a TV commercial from my existing video (and how much does it cost)?

Yes, we've done this many times with great results, even with video that's not broadcast spec. A lot depends on the type and quality of the existing video, so we take a look and make recommendations.

I heard that people watch less TV these days.

Statistics show that people - even Millennials - are actually spending much more time with TV these days. Also, folks only "browse" the web. They actually WATCH television. Why TV? Find out! (TV viewership statistics)

If TV is so great, why don't you advertise yourself on TV?

Short answer: we DO. Long answer: We've been on TV many times over the years, on national networks including CNN, Headline News, Fox Business Network, and Blomberg to name a few. We'd go on the air more often, but believe it or not, we think they're afraid that our high-quality TV advertising services totally outshine theirs. (They're right, by the way. Our 200+ international awards speak for themselves.)

I found a video guy (multimedia guy, web guy) that charges even less. Why not go with that guy?

Broadcast technical experience, Hollywood-style good taste, and originality. Sounds crazy, but many of these sellers of extremely low cost TV ads are not actually experienced in creating ad content for broadcast TV. Some of these guys merely offer TV as an add-on to their web design business, but they've never worked in TV! Others are small-event videographers looking to pad their bottom line with something, anything, that they can do with their existing equipment. These companies lack real television or film production experience from any market, much less from Hollywood where competition is at its greatest.

Beware: The other guy's low-ball price may not cover everything. Their "extras" can really add up. They start you off low, then by the time the ad is done, your price may have doubled, even tripled. Our all-inclusive low, flat rates for production ensure that you get a complete, high-quality TV spot.

Note about Cable TV Ad Productions - Yes, we know they're crappy. The cable TV companies and broadcast stations who offer a production "deal" notoriously send one of their junior producers to your door to do your commercial -- but it will look very LOCAL (and too often, you'll just look silly). Then the production cost is quietly tacked onto the the air time that you buy from them. The more complex your ad, the higher the monthly airing cost. On the other hand, some business owners are real hams, and just love to be in their own commercial, at any cost. If you want that sort of hands-on process, go for it. Just remember, we told you so...

I already do online ads, print ads, radio ads, billboards, etc. Should I give them up?

Of course not! One medium complements the others and helps increase awareness of your brand in the customer's mind. Adding TV to your advertising mix will help your company stand out from your competitors. You can even get a web-ready video version of the ad we make for you, to use on your website, on YouTube, or in a video-based email campaign.

My store (my strip mall, my shop) isn't "photogenic." (Or: I'm having a bad hair day and I don't want to get in front of a camera!)  Is TV advertising right for me?

Stick with radio. (We're kidding.) Some advertisers have a store or locations that naturally lend themselves to being filmed, such as tourist attractions, plush offices, or special events. A few business owners make excellent spokespersons -- for example, that president of the "hair place for men" who's also a proud client. In truth, most local businesses are run by real people in strip malls, store fronts, and buildings that look alike... and many small businesses are even run right from the owner's den, garage, or kitchen table.

Your customers care about your unique value - your high quality, selection, price, service, and reputation - more than mere cosmetics. We do our cinematic best to focus on what's unique about your business, and we'll only use images that put you ahead of the pack.

Can I see my ad before it goes on the air?

Absolutely. We don't air your ad until you give us the big "OK." When your ad is ready, we send you the VIDEO PROOF -- a video clip preview of the completed TV commercial. It's your opportunity to let us know about any bloopers or typos, such as an incorrect phone number, or if you need to change your offer at the last minute. We make any corrections, if needed (see How We Work for details), make the Broadcast master for cable TV and broadcast use, and then we can help you with air time media options.

How do we get started?

Just purchase one of our Production Options, send us whatever you have that you'd like us to work with - your product photos, sales brochures, samples, logo, etc. - and we're on our way. We can begin the same day we receive your materials & payment.

Can I pay half of the production fee now and half later?

How about paying half now... and NONE later!
Other companies charge much more than we do, often covering the actual production cost with your down-payment -- so when you pay your 2nd or 3rd payment, it's all gravy for them. That's how they work. You just think you're getting a great deal.

We save you money by taking control of the creative process. We confer with you prior to starting production, so that we know your advertising goals and special requirements. We don't just keep trying stuff and racking up an hourly rate. You get to see the finished ad in your Video Proof, and we'll make corrections if needed. Please see "How We Work" for details. Simpler billing means lower overhead, and a better deal for you.

We don't pad the production bill, and we put every dollar into real, visible results. As we say in Hollywood, THE MONEY IS ON THE SCREEN!

Yes, we're DIFFERENT -- that is exactly how we give you such a great value.

My big sale lasts only one weekend. Can I advertise a special event?

Absolutely! Cheap TV Spots productions are perfect for special events. Our ads can be produced quickly, so creating an ad specifically for an upcoming event is easy. Suggestions: weekend sales, holiday promotions, community events sponsored by your company, or political and community announcements.

I paid for my ad, so that means I "own" it?

Just like a Lexus, it's CHEAPER NOT TO!  Your TV spot is unique, and yours to use within our licensing guidelines. You have our permission to use it on any network you desire. The commercial, as a unique work, is copyrighted by Academy Leader, Inc. Technically speaking, you are licensing the commercial from us (as you would with any producer) and we provide an ample and generous license agreement. We are happy to create additional broadcast tapes/uploads ("broadcast media"). Just let us know.

Air Time FAQ

OK, we have our TV ad -- how do we get it on TV? (Isn't air time expensive?)

We make it simple. While many other agencies won't return your call unless you have at least a $60,000 monthly air time budget, we can help you to run your TV commercial on the broadcast or cable channels best suited to your target customer and budget. We tap into our relationships and good reputation at the TV networks and cable TV providers to help you understand your options and get the best exposure for your ad dollar.

Already got a commercial you want to run? We can help you understand your options to make the most educated media buy.

How much is the media buy?

Whatever amount our client chooses. For some recommendations, see our Air Time Examples.

What stations would my commercial air on, for national TV exposure?

We're not tied to any one network. We can help you air just about anywhere. Every air time schedule is different. We match client budget, ad length, customer demographic, and TV network air time availability. We have access to over 200 local and national cable TV networks. Just about any TV channel on your cable TV system that shows ads can be accessed for TV spot airings. We can help you find your way through the process.

Do you have air time packages with a set number of airings for a flat price?

Nope - because that wouldn't be a good deal for you! Frankly, those Bag O' Spots package deals are a pig in a poke. Rates and availability change frequently at the TV networks, and there's no such thing as a set package at a set price.

We welcome your questions and suggestions!

CONTACT US for a no-pressure discussion of your TV advertising project. No commissioned salespeople!  :-)

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