Help: Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Choose one of our great, flat-rate, value-priced productions. We listen to your needs, then we build your memorable TV ad, send a digital copy for you to preview, and then we generate high quality broadcast-ready media. Simple as that. See How We Work.

Do we need to provide the script?

Of course not. The hardest thing to write about is yourself. Let our award-winning writing team make it easy for you. Of course, we welcome any materials you can send us: your website, a slogan, brochures, price list, coupons, past video or audio productions. Enlighten us about what makes your business and your product special, and we'll take it from there. As a result, our award-winning writers craft a motivating and selling script, including what imagery goes where, all the text and other displays, and a sensitively crafted pitch of your offer.

What payment methods do you accept and can I pay half of the production fee now and half later?

How about paying half now... and NONE later! Other companies charge much more than we do, often covering the actual production cost with your down-payment -- so when you pay your 2nd or 3rd payment, it's all gravy for them. That's how they work. You just think you're getting a great deal.
We accept payment via company check, certified check, money order, or electronic bank wire. We do not currently accept credit cards for production work. See our Policies for details.

I paid for my ad, so that means I "own" it?

Your production agreement spells this out in detail. Within certain limits, you're free to air or stream the original video production in any manner and on any platform, as long as you don't modify it. The finished video production is custom-created for your exclusive use on television, the internet, in email campaigns, on DVD or other portable media. See our Policies for how this works. You will own all applicable rights to air or otherwise distribute the TV commercial or video in its original form, on any medium throughout the world, via our generous 7-year airing license. You retain ownership of any images or logos that you provided to us for your commercial, and you own the 7-year license to use the video, images, music or performances included in the video, as long as they are not altered or repurposed in any way.