Help: Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

When you order, we'll get in touch with you. We listen to you, help you figure out what you need, then the magic happens: we build your memorable TV ad, send a digital copy for you to preview and Okay, and then we generate high quality broadcast-ready media. Simple as that. See How We Work. Check out our Options and Pricing, too.

Do we need to provide the script?

Of course not. The hardest thing to write about is yourself. Let our award-winning writing team make it easy for you. Of course, we welcome any materials you can send us: your website, a slogan, brochures, price list, coupons, past video or audio productions. Enlighten us about what makes your business and your product special, and we'll take it from there. As a result, our award-winning writers craft a motivating and selling script, including what imagery goes where, all the text and other displays, and a sensitively crafted pitch of your offer.

What payment methods do you accept?

For consultations and production, we accept payment via PayPal. See our Pricing for more information. For other services, we accept company check, certified check, money order, or electronic bank wire. See our Policies for details.

Can I pay half of the production fee now and half later?

We've simplified this into our Pay-As-You-Go plan. Buy just the services you need. We work with you step by step. You can even start with just one service, like our consultations or script writing services, and add more services as you need them. See our Pricing for more information.

I paid for my ad, so that means I "own" it?

Yes, you own the exclusive license to your finished video production. You also still own all of your original images, videos, or other materials that you sent us to work with - and we never, ever use your materials in somebody else's video. Typically, any video is a combination of materials supplied by you the advertiser, and professionally made media we acquire on your behalf - performances, backgrounds, fonts, music, sound effects, etc., which are licensed to us, the producer, for commercial use. Your production agreement spells this out in detail. As long as you don't modify, disassemble or re-edit the finished video, or sell pieces of it, you're free to air or stream the video in its original state, in any manner and on any platform, throughout the world, via our generous 7-year airing license. Your ownership is spelled out in our Policies.