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Our Cheap TV Spots® "Freshness Guarantee"!

NO template ads. That's our promise.

Your business is unique. Your ad should be unique.

We treat your business like the one-of-a-kind phenomenon that it is.

Besides, how can an advertising agency be truly revolutionary if all of its creative ideas come out of a batch of pre-made boilerplates?

We don't sell you a pre-made generic ad from an ad library. That's not how we provide our great value. Who needs a to sift through a pile of boilerplate ads? You can have us create a unique commercial production FRESH for you, using our Super Secret Streamlined System


Cheap TV SpotsĀ® brand television productions are guaranteed to be fully custom and designed specifically to meet the needs of the individual advertiser who has engaged our services. Our production team does not use pre-built templates or re-sell a canned advertisement to multiple businesses.

Beware the "canned" commercial.

beware ad librarySome advertising companies cut corners by plugging your company information into a pre-produced, "canned" template. They simply tack on your company name and charge you a fee, as if they did a brand new commercial for you. As if! Oh, and that's an ad that another business, maybe even your competitor, may have already used. Ew.

Think about it... if the same ad could be used by just ANYBODY, how could it possibly reflect the unique benefits offered only by YOUR COMPANY?

Cheap TV Spots® productions are always a great deal. We create a custom designed, one-of-a-kind production just for you, unique to your business, your product, and your customer AND YOU'LL SAVE MONEY!

Speaking of "unique" - don't be fooled by imitators.

Compare Us versus ThemWe strive to offer a worthwhile, high-value service. We must be doing something right, because there's been a whole litter of video-producer copycats. Some of those guys even rip off our articles word for word. They even try to mimic what they think we're up to.

What kind of lame, no-imagination slacker dweeb just copies someone else -- and do you really want those goofballs creating your advertising? Any junkyard dawg can plagiarize from our website (and they often do) -- but they can't beat a genuine Cheap TV Spots® production!

Seriously:  Currently, no other company has been granted the right to imitate our style of production under their own label, nor have we granted any other party the right to produce or sell videos or ads using our methods. There. We said it. 

CONTACT US for a no-pressure discussion of your TV advertising project. No commissioned salespeople!  :-)

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