Our "Freshness" Guarantee

Your business is unique. Your video should be unique.

We treat your business like the one-of-a-kind phenomenon that it is.

Today it's possible to build a video from pre-made parts downloaded from the web. That's why you see the same tricks over and over, especially in budget-priced productions. We start fresh for your video production. After all, how can a video producer be truly revolutionary if all of its creative ideas are just boilerplates?

Cheap TV Spots™ brand television productions are guaranteed to be fully custom and designed specifically to meet the needs of the individual advertiser who has engaged our services. Our production team does not use pre-built templates or re-sell a canned advertisement to multiple businesses.

We don't sell you a pre-made generic ad from an ad library. That's not how we provide our great value. You can have us create a unique commercial production FRESH for you, using our Super Secret Streamlined System


Beware the "canned" commercial.

Some advertising companies cut corners by plugging your company information into a pre-produced, "canned" template. They simply tack on your company name and charge you a fee, as if they did a brand new commercial for you. As if! Oh, and that's an ad that another business, maybe even your competitor, may have already used. Ew.

Think about it... if the same ad could be used by just ANYBODY, how could it possibly reflect the unique benefits offered only by YOUR COMPANY?

Cheap TV Spots are always a custom designed, one-of-a-kind production just for you, unique to your business, your product, and your customer. Now, that's money well spent.

Happiness: You give the final Okay!

We want you to be happy with your video production. We work hard to both listen to your needs and engage our experience to guide your project toward success. That's why we confer with you before we get started, and along the way, as needed. If you have video clips or photos that you shot on your own, if it's usable, copyrighted, and adds value to your video, we'll pull out all the stops to make it look stellar. And, as always, you give the final "okay" to the production, once it's finished, and before it's out there for customers to see. Please note that video production is a labor-intensive custom service, and we do not provide refunds once time/materials are expended.