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International Services

Sell Your Product to Viewers in the U.S.A.

Sell Your Product in the USA ...the Easy Way!

Americans love international productsAmericans love unique products from other countries.  With a Cheap TV Spots® TV commercial, you can reach the lucrative USA marketplace without spending a lot of money. We'll produce a high-quality, English language TV commercial for you, and help you find eager American customers.

  • FULL SERVICE AGENCY - We can make your TV advertisement and provide TV airing assistance.

  • Foreign Manufacturers and Distributors: We can create your English-language TV commercial to air on U.S.A. television. Do you need help with entering into new markets? Contact us today to find out more.


We can create a great looking television advertisement for your product.


  • WE KNOW HOW AMERICAN CUSTOMERS THINK - We help you avoid embarrassing English language errors and cultural mistakes that could ruin your message.

  • SUPPORT YOUR U.S. DISTRIBUTION with low cost TV advertising.

  • AMERICAN BROADCAST STANDARD FORMATS - We meet all standards required by networks in the United States.

  • GET ON NETWORKS IN THE USA - We can help you find the best rates for air time.

  • SAVE ON SHIPPING AND TARIFFS. Do you need U.S. based manufacturing? We are well-connected in the business community and can help you seek manufacturing and order-fulfillment facilities here in the United States.

  • WE KEEP COSTS LOW for your marketing efforts in the USA.

Need Spanish?

Many U.S. businesses want to reach this country's growing Spanish-speaking demographic. We can create your English-language TV advertisement, and also create a Spanish-language version. We can help you air your advertisement on popular Spanish-language TV networks in the U.S.

Our Popular Rapid-Ad

Fourteen hundred ninety nine dollars USD

The Popular Rapid-Ad starts at $1,999.00 USD - INCLUDES WRITING, EDITING, FILMING, GRAPHICS, SPECIAL EFFECTS, AND PROFESSIONAL VOICE NARRATION. Also includes a WEB-READY VIDEO for your website. Our low price includes everything you need for a complete television advertisement. Also, we have many Production Options available for every marketing need.

Consulting Services

businessman holding globeThe goal in providing these consulting services to Cheap TV Spots clients is to help small to medium sized companies participate in the global marketplace. Consulting services include:

  • Evaluate product line - Develop strategies and action plan, and aid in developing a marketing budget.

  • Strategic planning - Develop plan including assessing market potential and formulating a strategy.

  • Market selection - Select the market most appropriate for the product and company objective.

  • Pricing guidelines - Provide guidelines for pricing your product for U.S.A. buyers.

If you would like to know more about international services offered, CONTACT US TODAY.





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