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TV Commercial Jingles

Get a Jingle for Your Business and Stand Out

Quality custom music by respected national talent

A great way to stand out in your customer's mind is by branding your business with a custom produced, memorable jingle.

A JINGLE is like your business logo, with an emotional connection. Just as your customers recognize your logo, they will remember you by your jingle. Use it for TV, radio or web. Jingles are a good investment because the same jingle can be used again and again to tie together your campaign.

Audio Logo
Audio Logo
and Music Bed
Audio Logo
and Donut

Short song about your company name or slogan, about 5-10 seconds long. As low as $649.

Short song, plus background music for the rest of your ad. As low as $849.

Short song at the start and end of your ad, with background music in between. As low as $849.

Order your jingle from Cheap TV Spots®, and receive a discount of as much as $50 or more off regular price.

When you order your jingle through Cheap TV Spots®, we will blend it into your Cheap TV Spot production, at no extra charge!

Jingles Are "Sticky"

You want your business to stick in your customers' minds -- because people don't always buy right away. Being sticky is tricky, unless you give consumers something to remember you by. Music can create an emotional bond. A jingle helps customers think of your business when they're ready to buy.

  • Top of Mind Awareness

    Consumers recall your jingle long after your commercial is over. Each time a consumer sings, whistles, or hums your jingle, it's like a free replay of your message.
  • Stand Out

    In advertising, different is GOOD. With commercials competing for consumers’ attention, a jingle is a good way to stand out.
  • Brand and Bond With Customers

    Familiar music attuned to your customer's tastes strikes a positive chord. Jingle Brokers creates musical imagery that is music to your best prospects’ ears.
  • Jingles Make a Winning Image

    Consumer opinion is more important than ever. Custom produced music and lyrics impress consumers that your business is credible, strong, and here to stay.

The Production Process

It's fast and easy. We match you with the best producer for your type of business. The producer asks you a few questions that will help in writing the lyrics, then presents the lyrics to you for review. The producer makes a demo song and sends you an audio demo for review. Your final jingle is mastered and the project can then be blended seamlessly into your Cheap TV Spots® commercial.

The Advantage

A solid creative firm must be nimble at matching the personality of a business with just the right music, and ensuring that the advertiser is confident with the finished product. Our experienced jingles team has been producing musical imaging since 1995. They strive to create a product that will deliver consistent results for years to come.


Within the first 30 days of taking delivery of your jingle, if there is something you don’t like, the jingles team will work with you on the jingle until you are completely satisfied.

To order your TV Commercial with a custom jingle, contact us. contact



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