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Branding - Sales/Event - Direct Response

Unique Ad Concepts for Your Unique Business

We do direct response, branding, branded promotions, sales, and event commercials, for any industry, including legal, retail, online, real estate, medical, education, you name it: We can create an exciting concept for YOUR production!

We can advertise practically ANYTHING! The sky's the limit.

  • Is your product unusual... one-of-a-kind?
  • Never seen before?
  • Well loved, but now it's on sale?
  • Know what you want to say, but not sure how to say it?

We've advertised just about every kind of product or service that can be advertised on TV. We've advertised SO MANY never-seen-before PRODUCTS AND SERVICES -- we're CONFIDENT we can make a memorable TV ad for YOURS.

branding sales call now
Branding: be the Brand they trust Sales: Offer SAVINGS! Direct Response: Call or Click Now!

Concepts for YOUR Production

Concepts! We Got Concepts! We are dedicated to creating a unique style for your TV spot.  The creative options are unlimited!  We're FLEXIBLE -- ideas are limitless. To give you a taste of what we can develop for your unique product or service, we've spelled out just a few of the possibilities:

Choose "Branding": tell the world who you are, and develop trust
Choose "Sales": get customers to c'mon down
Choose "Direct Response": buy it on TV! Tell customers to Call Now, Text Now, or Visit Your Website!

brandingBranding - Become a Household Word

Your brand is like gold. Make your company name synonymous with the products and services you offer. Branding emphasizes and repeats your name and message, linking your name with the benefits of doing business with you. Builds your potential customer's awareness of your product or service. A great way to strengthen your overall marketing campaign by tying into your existing print ads, press releases, radio, billboards, etc.


Elegance and atmosphere shine through with candlelight, fine wine, and entrées artfully arranged in a presentation to enchant the most discriminating of tastes. Smooth music and subtle narration set the mood.
Restaurant Owners - We do TV spots for all types of venues: family style, take-out, white-tablecloth, bar & grill, and more. Ask us how.


Legal, medical, and financial professionalism presented in a dignified, businesslike, yet reassuring setting to inspire confidence. Sincere, positive music with straightforward narration. Excellent and effective with professional voiceover narration.


Issue-oriented or candidate-focused -- a persuasive message crafted to touch the hearts and minds of the voting public. Can range from a no-holds-barred punch to a touching, reverent appeal straight to the heart.



Charitable organizations, government agencies, and social causes increase awareness of the agency's contribution to the community, educate the public, or broaden understanding of today's complex issues. Solicit support, donations, votes for the issue at hand.


salesSales - C'mon Down!

Your established store and brand name are already known in the community. You just need to announce a special sale, event, or limited time offer. Your exciting sales message grabs your customer and says: COME ON DOWN AND BUY NOW!  

Great for retail businesses of all kinds. Gets customers into your store TODAY. Increase foot traffic to your business. Says what it is, how much, and where to get it -- with an extra push of urgency.

Here's a fist-full of ideas:


Spots with real "curb appeal." Put your independently owned Real Estate franchise or Independent Agency right out front -- feature homes for sale, or boost your agency or office. Special Real Estate sales boosters available -- Click Here!

real estate

Price-smashing, wham-pow sound effects punctuate active displays of mattresses and bedding products at their low-low buy today prices! Driving music, special effects and rapid-fire voiceover. Also works great for home furnishings stores and carpet outlets.


HELLO CELLPHONE! Your great prices on cell phone services, ringtones, and accessories get one-better with super deals like free phones and mega-minutes. Hip images and pumped-up music tell the customer that they're buying a little piece of flip-phone "cool" -- at a killer price, today!
Your BLOWOUT CELLULAR spot turns up the volume on your special deals -- you're just around the corner with a deal that gets your customer excited about getting -- or upgrading -- their cell phone TODAY!


call nowDirect Response - Buy Now On TV!

Infomercial-style TV spots, perfect for mail-order or 1-800 offers -- EVEN WEBSITES. Gets customers to contact you immediately by phone, online, or by mail. Go for our 60-second "mini-infomercial" or try a 30-second, infomercial style TV ad.

NEED A PRODUCT DEMO, OR WANT TO PROMOTE YOUR PRODUCT LINE OR MORE THAN ONE SERVICE? We recommend the one-minute "Mini-Infomercial" TV commercial format -- you can go into the detail you need to explain and promote your product fully to your potential customers.


Infomercial Style! -- Grab buyers' attention with a practical, easy to understand product demonstration. Clearly seeing the product's benefits, customers "call now" with credit card in hand. Great for online business, credit repair, mortgage loans, and more. Upbeat music, friendly voice, and lots of product close-ups with your 1-800 number visible throughout.

Let your product shine as seen on TV in a custom made Cheap TV Spots® commercial.


Delicate topics handled with care -- personal care products, or any product or service addressing a hard-to-discuss customer need are presented in a subtle, non-threatening way that clearly paints a picture in the customer's mind without going "too far." A clear, yet tasteful message spurs the customer to pick up the phone or go to your web site.

Light humor -- an equally effective alternative is to address a difficult topic with a sense of humor. Sometimes a little levity takes the embarrassment or fear out of the customer's mind, and puts them in the mood to take the step to buy your health/beauty product.


Our professional HOLLYWOOD experience ensures you'll be getting a quality TV spot.



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