We make broadcast television commercials and digital videos for your business. We also consult with businesses about their advertising and marketing needs.

Your business is unique. Your ad should be unique.

Freshness Guarantee: Your well-crafted video production is designed "fresh" - specifically around your product, service, or special offer.

Our TV advertisement video production projects typically range from $2000 to $6000 for a 30-second, broadcast television compliant, ready-to-air TV commercial. For streamable web video, expect pricing to be influenced by project complexity and length; typically $2000-$4000 per finished minute. Factors that influence production cost include product photography, video Special FX, audio FX, overall complexity, Spanish version, and length (standard 30 second or 60 second).

TV Ad Video Production

We work within just about any budget, and we specialize in creating superb TV ads within confined budgets. Our TV commercial production rates tend to range from $2K to $6K per finished 30-second, broadcast-ready ad. Actual cost is based upon your production needs, cost of time and materials, type and volume of your requested creative changes, and additional services requested.

Business Digital Video Production

Online video rocks! Companies are earning customers' trust and growing their businesses simply by showing a video about their product or service on their websites.

The sweet spot for a web video is about 2 minutes in length - long enough to get into detail, but well-paced to keep your customer's interest.

Digital video production rates tend to range from $4K to $10K for a 2-minute, streaming-ready business video. As with TV commercial production, actual cost will be dependent upon the complexity of your production needs, cost of time and materials, and additional services requested.

Promotional videos are not designed to air on television. Our crafty editors can make you a broadcast-ready TV ad utilizing concepts and materials from the original video to build a new message that fits the popular 30 second or 60 second format and complies with broadcast TV standards, for a small additional fee.

Consultation: "Media, Simplified"

Find out what you need to know to get on TV, how to budget, and what to expect.

We make TV advertising success simple with our consultation and research service.

We're a full-service TV agency, and we have placed our TV commercials on popular national TV networks across the U.S. (Media placement services are available to our TV production clients.)

We provide a consultation that includes research into your product and your desired customer, matching your needs to TV networks that reach loyal viewers in your target demographic, tastes, and likes.

You will receive a Custom Air Time Research report that will help you understand your options and take action on your campaign.

If you have a TV commercial, we do our technical/content TV Ad Evaluation - report included.

If you need a TV commercial, you can take advantage of our production services (sold separately).

To schedule your consultation : Media Simplified™ Consultation