Creative; Accomplished; Technically Skilled. can help you produce a television commercial for your product or service. Our team of the world's most award-winning producers are expert in modest budget television commercials. PLUS, unlike just about any other producers, we're experts at creating media that meets the stringent U.S. broadcast television technical and content requirements. We bring you our Super-Secret, Streamlined System™ for ensuring the highest quality, and up-front production pricing.  We strive to offer a unique, worthwhile, high-value TV commercial production service.

This small budget TV commercial production has "...the look of a $400,000 ad."

Organizer of Worldfest, a respected international film and television competition

Your business is unique. Your ad should be unique.

Freshness Guarantee: Your well-crafted video production is designed "fresh" - specifically around your product, service, or special offer. We build you a commercial that conveys your brand message or special offer, at a price you can afford.

Our TV advertisement video production projects typically range from $1000 to $6000 for a completed, broadcast television compliant, ready-to-air TV commercial. Factors that influence production cost include product photography, video special EFX, audio EFX, overall complexity, Spanish version, and length (standard 30 second or 60 second). For streaming web video, expect pricing to be influenced by project complexity and length; typically $2000-$4000 per finished minute.

They're FAST! They're CHEAP! They're IN CONTROL!  A real VALUE. We've scared the heck out of the high dollar producers! Great looking, national quality 30-second TV commercial. A far better value than ads made by most local TV producers and TV stations; a cut above the rest in quality!

Standard features of every ad we make:

  • Pre-Prduction Consultation.
  • Expert Script writing.
  • Pro video editing in HD.
  • Pro audio stereo editing.
  • On-screen text.
  • Carefully selected music track.
  • Thematic background imagery.
  • Your provided logo featured.
  • Your contact information featured.
  • Carefully crafted Call-to-Action.
  • Your provided Disclaimers where needed.
  • "Video Proof" preview copy of your completed ad.
  • One round of spelling/contact info changes included.
  • Complete and ready to air upon delivery.
  • Generous 7-Year Airing License (restrictions apply).
  • Digital copy of your completed commercial.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

Value at Every Level


  • Our original recipe TV spot - simple, great looking, at a rollback price.
    RECOMMENDED FOR: Simple offers and services.
  • Our Standard Features in a straightforward 30-second TV production.

    Available in 30-second format.

  • The Start-Up is a simple video production that looks great on air. Includes stock photos, music, and text with your contact information and offer. To save you money, we've made certain things optional so you can get just what you need.

    Still photography of product sample: add $350.
    Web-ready video clip for streaming: add $150.
    Broadcast media delivery to broadcasters (add $199 per delivery)

starting at


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  • That's right, we blend in high-quality, professional "Lifestyle" footage to enhance the production value of your commercial, and our trendy Visual FX for that high-dollar look. We can usually add animation to your provided logo for extra flair. If desired, our team can film your product samples in our production studios. Big value for just a little money.

    We can expertly blend your provided product video or photos into your commercial.

  • Everything that's standard in the Start-Up™, PLUS:

    • quality "Lifestyle" footage
    • pro voiceover narration
    • processing & incorporating your provided footage
    • product photography if required
    • deluxe edit with special visual effects
    • animation of your supplied logo
    • TV campaign next steps
    • Broadcast media delivery to 1 broadcaster
    • Web-ready video INCLUDED
    • 7-year DIY airing license INCLUDED

    Also available in 60-second "Mini-Infomercial" format: Starting at $3998.

  • Options:
    Broadcast media delivery to additional broadcasters (add $199 per delivery)

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all inclusive


  • Interactivity! MORE Hollywood!

    Industry standard features, excellent quality, impressivly low cost. Rivals productions costing 3 times as much!

    We let you in on the creative process by providing a "Script Concept" (a written description of the video for your review before production begins).

  • Included: Everything in the Start-Up and Rapid Ad... web-ready video, lifestyle footage, visual/audio FX, product photos, logo animation, and DIY 7-year airing license.
  • PLUS:
    • 1 hand-model (product demonstration where your product is held or used by one or both hands), if called for in the script.
    • "Script Concept" You get in on the creative process by reviewing a written description of the video before production begins.
  • Your commercial is ready in as little as 4 to 6 weeks.

  • Also available in a 60-second "Mini-Infomercial" format: Starting at $5998.

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All Inclusive

Promotional Video

Online video rocks! Let our team build your promotional web video or explainer video. The sweet spot for a web video is about 2 minutes in length - geting into some depth, but well-paced to keep your customer's interest. Includes the production features of our TV ads, but in a flexible length to suit your message. Promotional videos are not built to air on television, but: Our crafty editors can make you a TV ad version utilizing concepts and materials from the original promo video to build a new message that fits the popular 30 second or 60 second format and complies with broadcast TV standards, for a small additional fee.

Promotional video is priced based upon length and complexity, typically approx. $1,000 to $4,000 per finished, ready-to-stream minute.


Everything in the Classic -- plus up to 2 live actors, if called for in the script.

You'll get a script for your review before we shoot. Ready to air in as little as 6-8 weeks.
30-sec.: $5,999 | 60-sec.: $9,998.


Tell your product's story dramatically! Up to 3 live actors and more message control.

Includes script review • storyboards • up to 3 live actors if desired.
30-sec.: $19,999.00 | 60-sec.: $34,999.


When brand identity is your goal. Flexibility and a well-produced visual appeal. Features of the Ultra, plus up to 4 live actors. We offer an interactive approach to solidifying the script and message. Also available in a 60-second "Mini-Infomercial" format.
30 sec.: $39,999 | 60-sec.: $49,999.

Menu of Services


Video Production

Get your video produced by pros

Choose from one of our TV Commercial Production Options for a ready-to-air television commercial for your product or service.

30-seconds and 60-seconds are the most popular TV ad formats.

We produce product videos, explainer videos, mini-infomercials, and other formats, too

Starting at $999
for 30 seconds

Pro Media Assistance Package

Get help with putting your ad on the air.

For when you have a finished television commercial that you want to broadcast on cable TV, and just need help with the process.

You Get Two Valuable Reports

  • MEDIA RESEARCH - We research the most current rates from the best targeted networks for your brand and message. (Report provided)
    Even in today's automated, DIY world, TV air time is sold primarily via network representatives, not self-service like online ads. Research is a time-intensive endeavor that involves contacting networks, reviewing proposed rates, and negotiating a viable airing plan based on the advertiser's business goals.
  • TV COMMERCIAL EVALUATION SERVICE - We perform a technical and content evaluation of your client-provided TV commercial. (Report provided)
    "CLEARANCE" - Did you know? TV networks can TURN DOWN YOUR AD for technical or content reasons. Our experienced team evaluates your video production for specific technical broadcast criteria. You'll receive a thorough, point-by-point inspection report of their findings. If you need help fixing your video, we can often help with that, too (fees may apply).

Both Reports are yours to keep even if you choose not to take advantage of our air time scheduling services. (Actual Air time spots not included in $599 price.)

The retainer of $599 is good toward your air time buy of $10,000 or more for a single campaign. This offer is good for 90 days from the date you purchase the Package.

IMPORTANT: Air time sold separately. Price/availability may vary according to the market at the moment of purchase.

Click here to learn about Air Time.

Retainer fee: $599

Includes both services and two reports.

Your payment is applicable to your air time purchase of $10,000 or more. Offer good for 90 days after purchase.

For Cheap TV Spot production clients: Media Buying Help Included.
Air time is negotiated based on market prices.

A La Carte Changes

Get that after-the-last-minute tweak to the production

All video productions come with one round of corrections to typos, bloopers, and text, if needed.

Our video productions are carefully crafted for their psychological, sociological, and emotional impact on your potential customer, so we really don't like to tinker with "the idea" once we're done. Remember, the message isn't only for YOU, it's for YOUR CUSTOMER. In our experience, our first idea is invariably the best idea. That's why we take charge, and we get it right the first time.

That said, suppose you've seen your Video Proof, and you really don't see any typos or bloopers, just can't resist leaving your mark on the spot -- or maybe you changed your offer, phone number, URL, or price at the last minute. We know that in this wild world of business, just about anything can happen. We wouldn't want you to be dissatisfied with your spot. A La Carte lets you make those after-the-last-minute, tactical changes. Starting at just $599, and priced per change, rather than per hour, A La Carte is a great bargain. See our policy on changes.

$599 per change
No additional hourly fees.

Duplicate Broadcast Media

Get duplicates of the Broadcast Media delivered to an additional network

We offer TV-Network-Direct-Delivery of the TV ad media in broadcast-ready electronic format.

With the Rapid Ad and above, we create and upload or ship 1 (one) copy of the Broadcast media in the format appropriate for the network where your TV ad will air - at no extra charge to you.

If you're ready for us to air your TV ad in more than one area or on another network, we'll duplicate the Broadcast Media for a fee per each desired duplicate. Also available: Broadcast-ready physical tape format at $199 each (plus physical delivery charge), shipped to the network where we have scheduled your airings.

$199 each (add $49 for physical delivery)

Add-On Options

Choose from these add-ons to customize your production.

Still photography of product sample: Send us a sample product and our crew will do a photo shoot. Included in the Rapid-Ad and above, if needed.

Web-ready video clip for streaming: A second version of your ad media formatted to play on your website or social media. Included in the Rapid-Ad and above.

Broadcast media delivery to additional broadcasters: One delivery included with your TV production. Delivery to additional networks, cable TV outlets, or local TV stations for a nominal fee.

Generous 7-Year Airing License Renewal: Allows you to continue to air your commercial beyond the inital license period.

Product Photo shoot: add $350
Streaming clip: add $150
Duplicate media: add $199 (add'l charges may apply)
7-Year Airing License Renewal: add $150