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Outdoor Advertising

Billboards, Bus Signage, and More

Billboards: They're Everywhere...

Everywhere your customers are!

Drive Home Your Message

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Add OUTDOOR ADVERTISING to your ad campaign mix, with colorful, hard-to-miss billboards, posters, and more. We can even put you on a bus, bus bench, transit shelter, and other foot-traffic oriented locations. 

Studies show that Americans are spending more time behind the wheel than ever. 74% of driving is for shopping, recreation, and errands - just the right time to see and respond to your message.

"PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS" - Outdoor Advertising is the perfect complement to your TV advertising campaign! Get more mileage out of your TV advertising message - Let us put your TV ad slogan or message on an outdoor billboard.  Remind your customers about your product, service, or special event while they're on the road, and they'll drive right to your door.

We'll get you noticed -- We'll create a bold, attention-getting Outdoor Advertisement to supplement and reinforce your TV campaign. We're fast -- We can go from concept to posted sign in as little as 10 days. We're cheap -- We can get you generous discounts off outdoor advertising rate card prices and graphic designer fees.

We're nationwide -- We can help you get your message on Outdoor media in your local community, throughout your region, or across the country.

Why add Outdoor to your TV campaign? Outdoor, with its strong, bold presence is a true mass media. With so many media specializing in specific audiences, it's tough to reach a wide range of customers economically.

Outdoor ads reinforce your message on highways and thoroughfares, right where your customers are just before they take your exit, or turn into your place of business.



At sizes ranging from the typical 10 X 40 feet to a huge custom billboard covering the side of a building, bulletins are the largest form of outdoor advertising. Bulletins are available either as permanent (year-round, great for giving driving directions) or rotating (changing location several times per year, covering more ground).  Lots of options for making your message stand out:

  • Moving parts

  • eye-catching devices

  • video projection

  • cut-outs

  • extensions

  • embellishments

POSTERS: A Great Deal

Mass-produced and preprinted, Posters are designed to be posted in many locations at once, for IMMEDIATE IMPACT.

Low cost - Need to reach a large audience for less? Posters are inexpensive compared to other formats, and help drive home your TV advertising message.

Broad audience - Posters can reach 25 to 100% of the population of the area where they are placed. Great coverage for your dollar.

30-sheet Poster - It's easy to see why the 30-Sheet Poster is the most popular poster size. These 10 X 22 foot size billboards are posted in 30-day cycles, so they're great for that new product announcement, as well as seasonal and special events. They can target your customer geographically, with the right message at the right time.  Jr. Posters (8-Sheet) also available in some areas.

Transit Advertising Options

GET ON THE BUS! - Looking for maximum exposure in a low-clutter, high-traffic area? Get on the bus-- with Transit Advertising.

  • Transit Shelters - Lighted display of your billboard inside bus shelters, where shoppers have free time to read your message.  They're always lighted and close to the street, for continuous visibility for pedestrians and drivers alike.

  • Benches - Like transit shelters, your message is always available in a high traffic area for pedestrians as well as drivers. A low cost, permanent alternative.

  • Transit Bus Displays - Word gets around! Your billboard goes everywhere that transit buses do, literally driving your message all over town.


*Outdoor advertising statistics courtesy of Lamar Advertising Company.

CONTACT US for a no-pressure discussion of your TV advertising project. No commissioned salespeople!  :-)

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