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The Studio

Low Cost Production, Hollywood-Style

Your Next Commercial Ought to Be a Cheap TV SpotsĀ® Production

We didn't buy our studio equipment just to have fun playing with it. Okay, maybe we did – but more importantly, this state of the art equipment helps you get the best looking television commercial possible. We use the cutting edge, industry standard tools and techniques that the big guys use.

No cheesy, outdated effects, no crumbly video, no amateurish images. Your television production will look professional and make your business look great!

All of the new equipment in the world can't guarantee a great production - that's where our award-winning experience and attention to quality come in.

We produce sophisticated, "national look" commercials that include VFX, great sound quality, and high production value.

Have your own clips? Our experienced editing crew can work wonders with your existing product footage, too!

  • Production Options - National quality -- starting at just $999 for a complete 30-second TV commercial production. With so many options available there's one to suit your budget and production needs. Not sure what you need? We don't use "salespeople" -- our no-pressure, Customer Information Force is notorious for talking you into the least expensive option for your advertising campaign!

  • Full-service agency - We can help with placing your Cheap TV Spot® on broadcast and cable TV.

High-tech equipment can't make a commercial great if there's no IMAGINATION! And we've got plenty!

A lot of semi-pros out there just want to "shoot" their way through your commercial. Maybe they're really just cameramen who wanted to be producers. Or maybe they're former small-time TV personalities looking to get back on the air, and they want to star in your ad as your "spokesmodel."

Regardless, they're not focused on YOU. Our experienced, diverse team focuses on YOUR MESSAGE - and the best way to break through the noise to reach your customers.

  • Pro digital video and still cameras ensure the finest image color and resolution.

  • Output to professional broadcast format: Means that the final production meets the strict technical and content standards required by broadcast, satellite, and cable networks.

  • Professional product photography stations and high-resolution digital cameras to take quality imges of your product.

  • Enhanced image library, and fantastic new text effects to tell your story dynamically, like a movie trailer for your product or service.
  • Pro audio equipment and sound software for clean, crisp sound.

  • Broadcast-quality images look great and comply with television industry standards.

  • Chromakey ("weather man") equipment and editing software allow your product to be "all over the globe."
  • Compositing, multi-layered video, plus popular motion picture quality special video effects – all the sparkle of big budget ads without the cost.

  • Lifestyle video and CGI background stock footage open a world of thematic possibilities.

  • Screenwriting software speeds up the crafting of your script.

  • Professional voiceover artists and music on tap: You're getting a unique, professional sound.

  • Pro lighting kits to enhance the beauty of video images.


CONTACT US for a no-pressure discussion of your TV advertising project. No commissioned salespeople!  :-)

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