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Why Cheap TV Spots®?

(Our Secret Sauce)

Award-Winning, Marketing-Savvy TV Pros with Big Agency Mojo

award winning TV producers

If you are looking for an able-bodied advertising service that is comprehensive in scope, rich in quality, with consistently high value for your ad dollar, then look no further. Here's what we have to say for ourselves:

Tried & Tested

Your project really gets done. We're fast and reliable. Seriously - we've completed fully unique, TV-ready commercials in as little as 24 hours.

Your campaign is in the hands of a real TV ad agency. Making great looking television commercials really is our day job. We work with real writers, editors, voiceover pros and other artists to create a unique TV ad for your business - an ad your customers will remember.

The team has been making amazingly good commercials since 2001 (and for many years before that), and our experienced team comes from the worlds of Hollywood film sets and Broadcast TV studios.

Best-In-Class Production Quality

"The comercial looks and sounds great!  You have surpassed my expectations. Thank you for a job well done!" - A Satisfied Client

With now 207 awards for our budget-priced TV commercial productions, Cheap TV Spots® is the most award-winning discount TV ad agency in the world.

Originality. Imagination. Focus. When we create your unique marketing message, we really put our thinking caps on.

BROADCAST STANDARDS - We work with TV stations and cable companies every day, and we keep abreast of the latest technical requirements and laws governing TV advertising content and presentation. Our ads pass the rigorous TV Network Clearance process with flying colors.


Cheap TV SpotsĀ® is NOT just some one-size-fits-all, canned "solution" for low cost TV ads. We have production options to fit your budget and needs.

Only a TV commercial producer who also works with the networks across the country on a regular basis knows what you will really need in order to get your message on the air.

You'll like our low, flat rates for production, and our no-nonsense media buying strategies.

World Class Infrastructure

We're on the air EVERYWHERE - locally, regionally, or nationwide, on any network that airs TV commercials - any city, any broadcast TV station or cable TV network. Name your budget. We'll help you understand your best options for advertising. Don't know your budget? We'll help you figure that out with recommendations that make sense.

Need to reach across the country, on a popular national network like A&E, ESPN, or MTV?
Want to advertise in your local area reaching a specific customer, for example, moms ages 25-45? You're in Chicago, but want to try advertising in Seattle to males age 18-25? You have a local business, so you don't want to waste money airing outside your service area? Whatever your advertising goals, just ask us - we can help you.

Please review our Ad Guidelines for details on federal requirements for television advertising that may apply to your product, service or campaign.


CONTACT US for a no-pressure discussion of your TV advertising project. No commissioned salespeople!  :-)

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