TV Advertising, Simplified.

You need to prime your television campaign for success. We make it simple with our Production Consultation and TV Ad Evaluation services.

Find out what you need to know to get on TV, how to budget, how the process works, and how to succeed.

Inside Scoop - No Obligation

Custom Reports: The consultation includes an email record of our discussion with you, and the TV ad evaluation includes a custom report. This information is confidential, and yours to keep.

We offer these unique services for a flat fee per service.

Note: Video production is not included in consultation or evaluation services, and is sold separately.


1. Production Consultation with our experts via email:

No obligation discussion of your TV commercial production needs, your advertising message, and your desired customer.

We can analyze and target your desired customer, and help you focus on your target customer with an ad message that shows customers your unique offer and how much they're going to love you.

We can produce your television commercial, too! Video production services sold separately.

Order your TV Production Consultation:

Once you order, we will contact you to schedule your consultation at a time convenient to you.

Only $149

Your Business or Product
Your Email for Consultation



2. TV Ad Evaluation by our production pros

Evaluation of your client-provided TV ad by our experienced broadcast television production team:

A unique service! Find out if your video meets Broadcast TV standards before you try to go on cable TV or broadcast networks.

We perform a technical and content standards evaluation of your client-provided TV commercial. (Custom Report included.)
"CLEARANCE" - Did you know? TV networks can REFUSE TO AIR YOUR AD for technical or content reasons, and online publishers can ban your ad, too. Our experienced team evaluates your video production for specific technical broadcast criteria. You'll receive a thorough, point-by-point inspection report of our findings. If you need help fixing your video, we can often help with that, too (fees apply, of course).

  • Video technical specs measured
  • Audio technical specs measured
  • Get recommendations for compliance with broadcast standards
  • Content standards evaluation for broadcast "clearance"
  • Printed custom report, sent directly to you.

You'll learn a lot from this made-to-order report!

Order Evaluation of Your Existing TV Ad:

Once you order, we will email you the instructions for uploading the TV ad that you want us to evaluate.
After the evaluation is performed, we will send your custom report to the email address you provide us.

Only $149

Your Business or Product
Your Email for Instructions

Looking For Our TV Production Services?

We offer full-service TV ad and web video production services. We offer three convenient discount packages based on ad type (15-second, 30-second, or 60-second) or you can purchase our services separately, one service at a time, to create your video step-by-step. Choose a consultation, evaluation, script writing, narration, and product images, then order professional A/V production-directing-editing where we'll put it all together for you. (Note: The A/V production-directing-editing service is not a stand-alone service; you'll need to have ordered at least script writing, and if desired, narration and product images.)