How We Work

Our goal is to help you promote your business - without breaking the bank. When you order your TV commercial from us, this is how it works.

We Make Video Simple and Affordable

1. Discover

  • Getting Acquainted

    Once you engage our service, we start the process by communicating with you, usually by email. Get to know us as we ask key questions to learn about your brand, your audience, your call to action (what you want the viewer to do), and your larger marketing goals. We listen to your needs for your business and campaign. We'll tell you honestly if we believe a concept will or won't work for you.

  • Exploration

    You'll send us your sales materials, website link, company logo, product photos/video, product samples, etc. Our team carefully reviews your provided materials, then we ask questions and clarify expectations. We'll leverage the brand work you already have in place - to keep your message consistent and strong.

2. Magic Happens

  • Script Writing

    Our award-winning screenwriting team writes a full A/V (audio and video) script for your product or service. Already have a script or pitch in mind? We can use it as inspiration to create a script concept that packs a punch, and works within TV standards. You'll have the opportunity to review and sign off on the script concept before we begin recording and editing. tv crew

  • Video Production

    Here's where the magic happens. Based on the A/V script, we record professional voice narration, shoot/assemble the video elements and music/SFX. Then, our editing pros blend these assets into a dynamic, compelling video built to current broadcast technical standards.

3. Okay - Launch!

  • Review & Okay

    You preview your VIEW COPY (a sample of your finished ad as a quick-loading video clip), playable on most computers/devices. We'll fix any typos and misspellings for free. Need a bigger change, or just change your mind? We can handle most any request (more extensive changes, such as images, reshooting, audio re-recording, or special effects may incur a fee). See our Changes Policy for details. When you're happy, give the Okay.

  • Delivery & Deployment

    We perform a final quality check, then render the finished video production in a format that is best for your desired platform: online video platforms or cable TV. We provide a digital copy of your TV ad as a digital download, on DVD, or on flash drive.

Getting Started With Our Services

It's simple to order. Choose a production package (15-, 30-, or 60-second), or start with one of our "Pay-As-You-Go" services (lots of folks like to start with the Production Consultation).