TV Ad Production Options

We focus on creating superb, affordable TV ads for small businesses with local or national customer reach. Every one of our TV commercials are:

  • MADE IN USA - Our TV commercials are made to order in the United States by real people in the film and television industry. No bots, boilerplates, or DIY.
  • AFFORDABLE - We keep things simple - a complete TV commercial for a reasonably priced, set fee, not an endless hourly rate*.
  • PROMOTE MOST ANY PRODUCT - With 1,000's of clients and commercials, we're confident that we'll make a great TV ad for your product or service.

TV Commercial Packages:

  • FAST :15 - A 15-second TV commercial production, for a quick, to-the-point brand message or announcement.
  • TV Ad :30 - A 30-second TV commercial production style in the popular 30-second format that works great for cable TV as well as online.
  • Mini-Infomercial :60 - A 60-second TV commercial production that works great for an "as seen on TV" style offer with room to talk details, and show your product in action.

Features included in every TV ad we make:

  • Pre-production Q&A via email.
  • Expert script writing.
  • Pro video editing in HD.
  • Pro audio editing in stereo.
  • Dynamic on-screen text.
  • Carefully chosen music track.
  • Full HD Video format
  • Professional Voiceover Narration.
  • Professional Product Shoot if needed.
  • Breathtaking background imagery.
  • Powerful Call-to-Action.
  • Your disclaimer, if needed.
  • Your company logo featured.
  • "View Copy" preview clip.
  • Text/blooper changes included.
  • Delivered ready to use on TV or Online.
  • Generous 7-Year License.
  • Digital copy of completed video production.

HOW TO ORDER: Choose a TV commercial package, or try our Pay-As-You-Go plan. See our Pricing to order. We accept PayPal and most major credit cards.

Your business is unique. Your ad should be unique.

Freshness Guarantee: Your TV commercial is designed "fresh" - specifically around your business. No bots, DIY, canned templates, boilerplates, cookie-cutters, or foreign outsourcing.

This small budget TV commercial production has "...the look of a $400,000 ad."

Organizer of Worldfest, a respected international film and television competition

Our team of the world's most award-winning producers are experts with creating great video at a great value for the money, and we're expert at creating TV-ready media that meets the stringent U.S. broadcast television technical and content requirements.



Professional Script Writing

Our experienced screenwriters absolutely LOVE writing. Let us write your 15-second, 30-second or 60-second Audio/Video script, to order.

No Writer's Block, Guaranteed.™

Writing a TV script on your own can be daunting. Why struggle through writer's block? Your time is worth more than that!

Our professional writers can wordsmith your brand, slogan, pitch, and offer into a compelling, effective, TV-ready presentation.

Our super-experienced writing team has earned numerous awards for their TV ads, and are highly trained writers with award-winning screenplays under their belts.



Professional Voice Narration

Make the words come alive! A professional voice actor from our talent roster narrates your video script in a professional audio studio. The recorded narration is based word-for-word on the A/V script that we prepare for you.

Our talent roster includes national radio and television narrators and actors who are happy to work on your project. Male or female voice, your choice.



Professional Photography & Videography

Our digital imagery pros shoot still photos or video of your small product, as needed for the TV ad. When you order photography or videography, we'll ask you to send 2 or more samples of the product in good condition so that our team can do a studio shoot of your product. A "small product" is generally any product that can fit within the standard sizes of USPS Priority Mail boxes.

Our production editing experts blend these professionally produced product images and video into your TV ad. You'll be pleased with the results!

Note: This studio product shoot does not include putting you or an actor on camera. If you desire to be on camera, we can work with you to set up a location shoot (location shoots are priced per the complexity of the shoot, and are sold separately).



Professional Directing, Editing

The real magic! Our award-winning directing/editing team blends all the pieces together into a TV-ready commercial that meets strict Broadcast TV standards, and looks great.

Creativity rules! Our creative team pours on the inspiration to architect an imaginative, eye-catching narrative that is more than the sum of its parts.

Based on the A/V script, photos, video, and narration, our team blends theme music, action, special video effects, moving text, and a sparkle of digital animation to create your advertising message.

No audio narration? We'll edit your ad to the beat of the music!



Consultations: "TV Advertising, Simplified"

Production Consultation: Find out what you need to know to get on TV, how to budget, and what to expect.

We'll gather insights into your product and your desired customer, then give you advice on how a video message can achieve your goal of reaching customers.

Consultations are held via email, providing you with a record of the answers to your questions, and the insights that we provide to you.

TV Ad Evaluation: If you had a TV commercial made by another producer, we can evaluate it for technical broadcast standards compliance and content compliance. Valuable for ensuring your TV ad is likely to be accepted by TV and video outlets. Includes a custom report for you to keep.

Learn more about these consultation services: TV Advertising, Simplified™



Business Digital Video Production

Online video rocks! Companies are earning customers' trust and growing their businesses simply by showing a video about their product or service on their websites. Surveys show that the "sweet spot" for the length of a web video is about 2 minutes - long enough to get into plenty of detail, but well-paced to keep your customer's interest.

Pricing: As with TV commercial production, actual cost will depend upon the complexity of your production needs, length of the video, and the type of work you ask us to do.

Web videos are not designed or formatted to run on television, of course. Our crafty editors can repurpose the digital video we've produced for you into a compelling, TV-ready commercial in a 30-second or 60-second format that complies with broadcast TV standards.

If you're interested in business digital video production services, the best place to start is a Production Consultation. Be sure to mention that you're looking for a digital video to post online.



Special Requests & Changes

Our TV commercial packages are designed to provide a ready-to-use TV commercial, suitable for broadband streaming, broadcast TV, and cable TV. Usually, you won't need anything more.

We understand the need for businesses to be agile, and to change plans - that's why we are happy to work with you to build the ad you need.

For video or audio changes beyond the included typo/blooper changes, a fee may be incurred. We offer a flat rate estimate for the change you request, not an hourly charge. You will receive an estimate and invoice before we proceed with your requested changes.