TV Ad Packages

Choose a 15-Second, 30-Second, or 60-Second TV Commercial Production Package and Save! Every package includes all you need for a complete, ready to use, broadcast, broadband, & cable TV ready television ad. For details on each Feature, see our Pay-As-You-Go services below on this page.

* ALL STANDARD FEATURES: Consultation + Script Writing + Narration + Studio Product Shoot (and/or Image Processing) + Directing/Editing.

FAST :15

Brand power, Short & Sweet

  • 15 second TV Commercial
  • All Standard Features*
  • Great for the Web & TV
  • Get your name out there! 
  • Regularly $1145
  • NOW: $999

TV Ad :30


  • 30 second TV commercial
  • All Standard Features*
  • Most Versatile for TV and Web
  •  Ever Popular With Viewers!
  • Regularly $1445
  • NOW: $1299 

Mini-Infomercial :60

Classic product pitch

  • 60 second TV commercial
  • All Standard Features*
  • Awesome for your "As Seen on TV" offer
  • Say More - Show More!
  • Regularly $2245
  • NOW: $1999

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REVIEW: "I'm impressed.  Thank you for your professionalism and for all the time you have been giving us with the commercial.  You certainly are giving us more than expected.  I'm very happy with the results and everyone who has seen the ad so far loves it."
-- S. J., top-producing real estate agent at an independently owned real estate franchise. [MORE HAPPY CLIENTS »]

Pay-As-You-Go Order Form

For your convenience, we also offer our services individually, on a Pay-As-You-Go basis. Get to know us with a consultation. When you're ready, order professional script writing - add pro narration - a pro product shoot - then complete the production with award-winning directing & editing. Go at your own pace!


PLEASE NOTE: By making a purchase at this website, you are agreeing to our Terms of Service. It's also good to get familiar with How We Work and our Policies.

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Not sure where to start, or what you need? Start with a consultation. You'll get insider tips and valuable insights, no obligation.

Production Consultation

Up to 60 minutes via email - Ask us your questions about TV ad production and find out how to get started with TV advertising.


TV Ad Evaluation (of your existing TV ad)

Have a TV ad already, but you're not sure if it's ready for prime time? Find out with our technical and content TV ad evaluation.

Take advantage of our 20 years of industry experience. Includes a technical broadcast TV compliance review, plus a review for content standards. (Note: We won't make an artistic critique unless you ask for our opinion of the ad's creative design.)

Includes Custom Report sent directly to you.


Script Writing & Narration:

A solid script is the blueprint for your video production - a professional voice brings it to life.

Professional TV Ad Script Writing

Professionally written Audio/Video script, complete and ready to be produced. Let our award-winning writers use their creative flair and marketing experience to promote your business. After you Okay the A/V script, you receive a digital, printable copy of the final draft to keep.

We can create a script for any popular length: 6-second digital preroll, 10-second bumper, 15-second short TV ad, 30-second TV commercial (most popular!), up to the 60-second mini-infomercial style. For an A/V script of up to 30-seconds, $199. For up to 60-seconds, $299.

Includes Custom TV Script, delivered directly to you.

starting at $199
Pro Script Writing

Professional Voice Narration

Your TV ad audio track is performed by a professional voice actor, recording from your reviewed and okayed A/V script (don't forget - order a script!).

Our roster of national pros from radio and television record in their pro-audio studios across the US.

You can request a male or female narrator, or let our producers choose for you.

6-second digital preroll, 10-second bumper, 15-second short TV ad, 30-second TV commercial (most popular!), or 60-second mini-infomercial style. For narration of up to 30 seconds, $299. For 60 seconds, $399.

NOTE: You can request a change to the narration after it has been recorded from your approved A/V script, for $100 additional per re-recording session.

starting at $299
Pro Voiceover (Male or Female)
Narrator voice

Shooting, Directing & Editing:

Here's where the magic happens. Your product or service offer comes alive in video!


Studio Product Shoot & Image Processing

Send your small product to us, and our talented team does a "product shoot" of the items you send, to include in the ad.

Professional, standard 1/2 day shoot session including set-up and lighting.

Our editing team blends this imagery into in your HD TV ad production.

Example: Book, bottle of natural supplements, hats, kitchen tools, kids' toys, etc.

We can also process your client-supplied product photo or company logo.

Starting at $299
Ad Length

Pro A/V Production (Directing & Editing)

• Pro directing, • editing, • on-screen text, • gorgeous stock video and/or photos INCLUDED, • background music.

US Broadcast TV standard HD video / stereo audio. Includes a TV version and a web-ready version

(Note: The A/V production-directing-editing service is not a stand-alone service; you'll need to have ordered at least script writing, and if desired, narration and product images.)

*Client-supplied photos and video must be owned by you, have written releases for any individuals shown, and must meet basic video standards. No nudity, please.

  • 15 or 30 seconds, $499.
  • 60 seconds, $999.

NOTE: Any edits to the completed TV commercial, if requested by you, are provided at a flat rate per change or on an hourly fee, at the discretion of the producer. For customizations and other special requests, we'll send you a cost estimate and electronic invoice in advance, so you can pay conveniently online.

starting at $499
Directing & Editing

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